Corporate Films

“Told our complete story…thank you”

Although much of the work we do nowadays is based around the Internet and the production of short videos highlighting a single product, there remains the need for a broader and larger canvas, one that captures a fuller story. It could be to celebrate a milestone anniversary, to document a season of activity, a travelogue or a concert performance. Whatever it is, HighLight Media can offer you the breadth of experience and know-how to be able to shoot footage over as long a period as needed, and then to edit the whole into a single flowing and persuasive piece that tells your story.

HighLight Media will work with you to develop a storyboard that includes everything you want to say and see with a script and music to match. We’ll discuss and agree a filming schedule, an editing timeframe and a delivery date, and we’ll include you in as much or as little of the whole process as you wish.

If you need a longer corporate video why not call us on 07976 724 945 to discuss what you have in mind and to find out how we can help?

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