“Brought out the best in me…”

People buy people. There’s a statistic which states that less than 10% of a spoken message is in the actual words said, the remainder being conveyed in the way you look, the way you talk and, generally, the way you come across.

At HighLight Media we understand this process intimately, and we’re experts in bringing out and interweaving the three elements that together make a great interview: the person being interviewed, the physical location and the story itself.

We’ll work with you to devise a series of questions that really get to the heart of your message, we’ll rehearse with you until you’re completely comfortable in front of a camera, and we’ll film in a location that adds to what you have to say. The result will say more about you and your message than any number of words or photographs ever could… perfect for marketing your company or product, ideal as a first step towards that vital interview.

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