“Made all the difference, buyer was from overseas…”

Nothing sells a property like seeing it, and a HighLight Media film will always make the difference between someone viewing your property and deciding not to bother!  If you have that special property we can create a stunning short film video will persuade the viewer to take you very seriously.  Complete with voice over and suitable music, your video will be available for viewing 24 hours a day, giving the viewer all the relevant information and details and acting as a round-the-clock property tour.

HighLight Media can handle the whole process for you, including embedding your video on your website and distribution through multi-media platforms, making your property accessible to the greatest number of people.

We will:
•    Agree the key sales points for your property
•    Create a compelling script
•    Film your property in its best light
•    Edit the footage with the narration and music, adding graphics as required
•    Deliver for approval and subsequent uploading for use

Why not take a look at some of our more recent videos, then ring us on 07976 724 945 or Contact Us.

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